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Vision Screen Blinds

Screen Blinds are a traditional window covering recently on a comeback in contemporary housing. The re-incarnation of the Vision Screen Blind uses a chain operation to replace the old fashion spring loading type. It has a contemporary look with different types of trim and exposed aluminium bottom rails.

Our selection of colours and finishes provides a functional modern or traditional look whilst reducing heat and glare. Privacy is maintained and still allows a view out into the environment. Fabrics are available in a large array of designer colours and textures and only the highest quality fabrics are sourced from around the world.

Large or small expanses of glass incorporate either single rollers or grouped rollers using a link system to minimise the requirement for multiple chains.

Options: Chain driven rollers, Motorisation, Base bar colours.

Chain Type: Metal, Plastic or Stainless steel.

Fabrics: Large selection of designer colours, textures & transparency providing unlimited to suit your requirements.

Some of the Benefits of Vision Screen Blinds

  • They can be motorised
  • Available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and textures
  • Very versatile with a Blockout blind on a double bracket fixed to the same window – get best of the both worlds.
  • They can be fitted in a recess with a total Blockout curtain or blind fitted on top
  • The traditional style of Screen blinds with spring operation is still available – often used in Victorian style homes
  • They filter light for privacy during daytime and with some natural light they protect the furniture, carpet, timber floors from fading
  • Reduction of UV rays entering the room
  • Suitable for most modern living areas
  • Great value for money being less expensive than drapes.