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Roman Blinds – Manufactured Locally

Defined elegance, custom made and available in a wide range of blockout, translucent and sheer fabric. Geelong Blinds Co. are widely recognised as producing the finest quality Roman Blinds available. Styles include traditional, swag base, exposed batten and Torquay casual. Options: cord locks, trims.

Our Torquay blinds incorporate single piece blockout fabric with the traditional design of Roman blinds to create a blind with simple elegant lines and is more cost effective.

Fabric Options: Blockout Fabric, light filtering Fabric, Sheer Fabric.
Fittings Options: Silver, Gold, Brass or Custom

Custom Roman Blinds for Style and Convenience

Roman Blinds are an incredibly versatile window blind. An even better option is a Custom Roman blind to create the luxurious appearance of draping curtains combined with the convenience of the blinds mechanism.

Locally Manufactured – Your Quality Guarantee

At Geelong Blinds Co. these tailored solutions are created in our very own local manufacturing facility – so you can be sure the quality is outstanding and the backup service is second to none.

Designs Tailored to Your Room Decor

The styling potential of Custom Roman blinds is almost unlimited as the main material is fabric. There are many fabrics to choose to fit the design of your room with a wide range of prints, colours and even material. For example, you can use thick canvas for a minimalist style or you can use bright coloured silk cloth for an old world look.


Accessories can also be used to improve their appearance and create volume. Valances with prints that support the fabric of the blinds can create a look of elegant curtains or the blinds can be valances resting on top of your long curtains which are set underneath them.

Custom Blinds for Privacy

By choosing the correct material, Custom Roman blinds can provide excellent privacy for you and your family. They are also better at completely blocking out light.

Letting the Light In

If you prefer to let the light in, by mounting the blinds above the window frame they can be drawn completely clear of the window to let the maximum light enter your home.

Insulation Capabilities

Custom Roman blinds are ideal for insulating against the heat in the summer and for helping to hold the heat in your room during the winter – by completely covering windows where heat can escape.


Cleaning the blinds is relatively easy since most of fabrics used are washable. Vacuuming and spot cleaning are generally the only things you need to do for ongoing cleaning. Washing the blinds is generally only required if they heavily soiled – in a kitchen environment for example.