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Curtains in Geelong

Unlimited design possibilites with the most modern and also traditional fabrics sourced from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Using the latest Fabric technologies designers have created new and sensational textures and colours. This has led to designed drapes becoming increasingly popular.

Sheers and Organza combined with stylish decorative rod tracks filter light and can create an ambience of defined elegance and sophistication.

Options: Standard tracking, decorative tracks, motorisation

Headings: Pinch pleat, single pleat, reverse pleat goblet pleat, eyelet rings and other designer headings.

Voile Curtains

Voile fabric is 100% Cotton, semi-sheer, lightweight fabric that drapes wonderfully. Sheers and Voile curtains are fitted closest to your window so when the heavy drapes are open you maintain your privacy. Sheers and Voile curtains can also be use in front of your blinds so when they are open you still have privacy.

Because they are a much thinner type of curtain, they allow lots of natural light into your room – but maintain your privacy. They can be used as nets or on their own and the diffused lighting is ideal for smaller rooms.

Organza Sheer Drapes

Translucent drapes which cover a window while allowing the maximum amount light to still come through, so the curtains can be kept closed. Their purpose is to screen for privacy but maintain a view to the outside.

Organza Sheer drapes are made of fine, delicate fabric to achive the dual role. Layering and combining different shades (printed and plain) can result in dramatic effects. Try hanging sheer drapes in two or more colors, possibly plain white underneath and a subtle sheer colour curtain over the top. The combination is still translucent enough to give a special effect through the curtains.

Organza curtains can be the only window dressing or you can supplement it with heavier curtains or blinds.

  • Decorate each window with sophistication using sheer embroidered organza curtains
  • These treatments add a warmth to your decor
  • Organza sheer curtains provide privacy but allow the sunlight in.

Curtain and Drapes Length

How long should your curtains or drapes be? The longer the more dignified, dressy, and formal the look whilst shorter lengths generally suggest a casual and informal feeling.